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Policy for Estancia de Valencia

A $1000 MXN, non-refundable deposit per room must be paid for all reservations

You can cancel your reservation without being charged 6 weeks before your reservation date but not afterwards.

Once you arrive, your bill must be paid in completely for the days you plan to stay. Once the bill is paid there is no refund.

If you cancel within 6 weeks and before 3 weeks of your arrival date, you will be charged 50% of your total bill for all nights reserved.

If you cancel within 2 weeks of your arrival date, you will be charged in full whether you stay or not.

Pets are welcomed only during low season depending on the type of pet and its size.

Pets and cars are te responsibility of their owners and not Estancia de Valencia.

Children are welcomed under the supervision of their parents or guardians. Children younger than 8 years old can stay for free in the same room as their parents or guardians.

If you break anything in the house, you must pay for it.

The cooking classes we offer are not in our house and you must reserve your classes directly with you teacher.

The exchange rate is determined on the same day payment is made according to Banamex.

We only accept Visa or Mastercard.

All reservations are confirmed by Lorena Santos Cruz in a separate email after the reservation is made and is not confirmed otherwise.